How to create a horizontal rolling text effect on ScreenCamera.Net

ScreenCamera.Net is a very powerful tool and what you can do with it is limited only by your creativity. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a horizontal rolling text.

First you have to create a text FXS, type in the text you want which can have one line or multiple lines, then comes the part where you animate it from right to left to cause the effect of rolling text.
Frame #1, is created by default and then you must create a key frame at position #100 for example, and then what you have to do is: On frame #1 you have to position the text outside the video output area to the right, and on frame #100 you must move the text FXS object to the left also outside the video output area, and that is it: ScreenCamera.Net handles the movement of the text through the time-line automatically.

You can also change the color of the text between frames and ScreenCamera.Net makes the color transitions smoothly.
To learn how to create the horizontal rolling text effect what the step-by-step video tutorial bellow.


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